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Bradley Athletic Director's Honor Roll
Release: Friday 05/22/2012 
by Bradley University


Following each semester, Bradley University recognizes all of its student-athletes who qualify for the Bradley Athletic Director's Honor Roll.  In order to qualify for this distinction, student-athletes must be enrolled full-time (including at least 9 graded hours), with the exception of seniors completing graduation requirements, and post a minimum 3.0 semester grade point average. 

2015 Fall Semester

2016 Spring Semester

2014 Fall Semester

2015 Spring Semester

2013 Fall Semester

2014 Spring Semester

2012 Fall Semester

2013 Spring Semester

2011 Fall Semester

2012 Spring Semester

2010 Fall Semester

2011 Spring Semester

2009 Fall Semester

2010 Spring Semester

2008 Fall Semester

2009 Spring Semester

2007 Fall Semester

2008 Spring Semester

2006 Fall Semester

2007 Spring Semester

2005 Fall Semester

2006 Spring Semester

2004 Fall Semester

2005 Spring Semester


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