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Release: Monday 02/06/2016 
by Bradley University

Each summer, Bradley University solicits nominations for the Bradley Athletics Hall of Fame.  Nominations for the 2016-17 Hall of Fame class will be accepted until July 31, 2016 by completing the online nomination form.  Nomination letters with support materials also may be submitted by traditional mail:

Attn: Bobby Parker, Associate AD for Communications
Bradley University
1501 W. Bradley Avenue
Renaissance Coliseum
Peoria, IL  61625

The Hall of Fame Committee will screen the nominees in August and elect the next induction class in October.  Induction ceremonies will coincide with a weekend men's basketball game during the 2016-17 season.

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Hall of Fame Eligibility and Rules of Procedure

  • Each year, qualified additions will be considered by the Hall of Fame Committee, either from recent Bradley students or from those of the past, with consideration given both for national recognition and for spirit and athletic accomplishments while at Bradley.
  • Must have been a student at Bradley for at least two years, or a graduate.
  • Must have conducted oneself in such a way as to reflect honor on the University and to have those qualities of character and standard of conduct most desirable in one who may be cited as an example for young people.
  • Must have made a good record in some branch of intercollegiate sports or have made a distinct contribution to sports.
  • Must have been recognized either on a national or international basis in some field of sport to qualify for enlarged photograph award.
  • Selection for the honor may not be made until at least ten (10) years following final Bradley athletic participation or eligibility to compete, whichever comes last.  Teams being nominated for the Hall of Fame are not eligible until 15 years after the season for which they are being nominated.
  • Members of the coaching or administrative staff at Bradley University may be immediately considered for a picture or plaque in the Hall of Fame upon retirement or resignation from their University position, after being employed as a coach or administrator for a period of five (5) years.
  • Voting for entry into the Hall of Fame shall be conducted by secret written ballot at annual meeting of the selection committee.  Absentee ballots must reach chairman prior to final meeting.  Only committee members attending initial screening of applicants are eligible to submit absentee ballots.
  • Voting is completed for all candidates on one ballot.
  • A quorum of committee members must be present to initiate any action.
  • A majority of vote is necessary at initial screening meeting before a candidate can be submitted for final consideration.  Actual induction to the Hall of Fame requires 80% "yes" vote of committee members who are present at meeting.  Round off number if not a whole number.
  • Inductees shall be limited to five (5) per year.  (The top vote getters would be accepted.  Any ties would be broken by vote.)  Teams inducted are not part of the limitations.  In the event that more than five (5) individuals receive the required vote necessary for induction, than those with the lowest percentage will be automatically included in the following year's class.
  • A re-vote on any nominee may be taken if majority of members present agree.  This includes any nominee voted down for a picture being resubmitted for a plaque.
  • A nominee to the Hall of Fame must be sponsored by a committee member.  The sponsoring member need not be present at the meeting.  Head coaches are encouraged to make presentations to the committee and answer questions but may not be present during the voting.
  • All presentations are made on all nominees before any votes are taken.  If sponsor is not present, the chair will designate at speaker.
  • Any name submitted for consideration should be submitted, with supporting date, to the committee no later than July 31.  committee will meet two (2) times per year, preferably in August and October.  (Early meeting will be used to screen nominees.)
  • If, in the opinion of the Hall of Fame Committee, valid reasons are submitted for the removal of a picture or plaque recipient, may be resubmitted for a picture at a later date.
  • One old-timer may be admitted for the Hall of Fame each year without counting against the preset numerical limit imposed by the Hall of Fame Committee (an old-timer is defined as one participating before records were kept).
  • Committee is comprised of nine (9) permanent positions of the following people: A) Athletic Director, B) Faculty Athletic Representative, C) Sports Information Director, D) Chairman, Athletic Committee, E) President, Peoria Hall of Fame, F) Sports Editor, Peoria Journal Star, G)"B" Club President, H) Braves Club President, I)Senior Woman Administrator, six (6) positions appointed by Athletic Director and one (1) position appointed by the President.  Appointees should be familiar with Bradley Athletics, ideally from different eras, gender and race diversity, and will serve three (3) year terms, but can be reappointed.
  • Exception to any rule dictates 100% vote from committee present.
  • Nominees chosen for admittance must be present for actual induction into the Hall of Fame unless deceased.  If the individual is unable to attend, the actual induction shall occur in the first year the individual is available to participate in the annual Hall of Fame Ceremonies, and that individual would then become one of the first (5) inductees.  Confirmation of an individual's acceptance must occur by no later than forty-five (45) days prior to the scheduled Ceremony date.  In the event that an opening in a class remains, than the individual with the next highest percentage would be inducted.

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