New Group Rewards Program for 2013-14 Seasons
Release: Tuesday 01/03/2014 

Bradley Athletics wants to reward you just for bringing more fans to events this season.  Offers include ticket discounts and great experiences only for your group members.  Bradley Athletics events are family friendly and cost effective ways to entertain your friends, family and co-workers. We hope to see you on the sidelines this season.


Starter Pack 15-49 : Welcome message for the group

All Conference Pack 50-99: Welcome message, poster for each member of the group, participate in pregame line up on court/field (limited to members of the group ages 14 and under)

All American Pack 100 +: Welcome message, team poster, pregame line up on court/field, post-game photo opportunity on court/field

Volleyball, Soccer, Baseball Prices: $3 per ticket for up to 49 and $2 for orders of 50 or more
Women’s Basketball Prices: $4 per ticket for up to 49 and $2 for orders of 50 or more

Men’s Basketball Prices: $4 in Red seating sections, $8 for 15-49 tickets in the White seating sections, $7 for 50+ tickets in the White seating sections.

Group arrangements must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance and tickets are available while supplies last.  Some benefits will be weather permitting.

To reserve your tickets, contact Joe Dolan (309-253-8136) or Matt Russ (630-849-6862), or e-mail



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