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Bradley Student-Athletes Earn MVC Academic Honors
Release: Wednesday 06/29/2012 
Courtesy: Duane Zehr, Bradley University ITPS

PEORIA, Ill. -- The Missouri Valley Conference has recognized four Bradley student-athletes with the President's Council Academic Excellence Award along with 131 other BU student-athletes who were named to the 2011-12 MVC Honor Roll, according to an announcement by the league office Friday.

Soccer players Kyle Orne and Bobby Smith joined men's basketball player Charonn Woods and women's golfer Kelly Amundrud as President's Council Academic Excellence Award winners and were among 63 Valley student-athletes to earn the league's highest academic achievement.  The President's Council Academic Excellence Award requires a minimum 3.8 cumulative grade point average (through the Fall 2011 semester), participation in athletics a minimum of two years and the student-athlete must be within 18 hours of graduation.

Of the 135 Bradley student-athletes named to the MVC Honor Roll for posting a minimum 3.2 grade point average during the Fall 2011 semester, 52 also received the Commissioner's Academic Excellence Award, requiring a 3.5 minimum grade point average for the previous two semesters.  The women's cross country/track and field teams led the way with 12 individuals earning the Commissioner's Academic Excellence Award.  The women's golf team had six Commissioner's Academic Excellence Award recipients with men's cross country, softball and volleyball each boasting five individuals. 

More than 80 percent of Bradley student-athletes posted a 3.0 semester grade point average in at least one of the two semesters during the 2011-12 academic year and BU's 200 student-athletes produced a department record 3.25 semester grade point average during the 2012 spring semester. 

Bradley had 11 individuals earn First-Team MVC Scholar-Athlete honors during the 2011-12 school year, marking the most for the Braves since producing 13 First-Team Valley Scholar-Athletes in 2007-08. 

PRESIDENTS COUNCIL ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARDCharonn Woods (Men's Basketball); Kyle Orne (Men's Soccer); Bobby Smith (Men's Soccer); Kelly Amundrud (Women's Golf).

COMMISSIONER'S ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARDKelly Amundrud (Women's Golf); Bailiegh Basham (Softball); Jessie Bertino (Women's Tennis); Tatierra Bivens (Women's CC/Track); Hannah Booker (Women's CC/Track); Kelsey Budd (Women's Basketball); Lyndsey Cleghorn (Women's CC/Track); Mariah Cole (Softball); Molly Dahlquist (Women's CC/Track); Michael Davis (Men's Tennis); Nathan Davis (Men's CC/Track); Rachelle Dejean (Volleyball/Track); Chris Douglas (Men's CC/Track); Jake Eastman (Men's Basketball); Madelyn Ervin (Volleyball); Allie Falter (Volleyball); Shane Garland (Men's CC/Track); Abby Green (Women's CC/Track); Erin Gorman (Women's Golf); Monique Graf (Women's Tennis); Emily Gustafson (Women's CC/Track); Sarah Hallstein (Women's CC/Track); Thea Hedemann (Women's Golf); Adele Henke (Women's Tennis); Kourtnie Janson (Women's CC/Track); Taylor Johnson (Women's CC/Track); Brianne Joseph (Softball); Ashton Kalhorn (Men's Tennis); Courtney Keefe (Volleyball); Alison Kresl (Softball); Christie Lin (Women's Golf); Cassie Lohmeier (Women's CC/Track); Sarah McMahon (Women's CC/Track); Jessica McNellis (Volleyball); Cassandra Marschall (Women's Golf); Danny Masrin (Men's Golf); Corey Mattson (Women's Tennis); Carly Miles (Women's Tennis); Juan Diego Cuadrado (Men's Tennis); Marshall Moyer (Men's CC/Track); Lauren Niemiera (Women's Basketball/Golf); Raciel Ocampo (Men's Soccer); Kyle Orne (Men's Soccer); Jon Richards (Men's MCC/Track); Arthur Romanet (Men's Tennis); Julie Sherman (Softball); Bobby Smith (Men's Soccer); Emily Soltis (Women's CC/Track); MacKenzie Westcott (Women's Basketball); Charonn Woods (Men's Basketball); Daniel Young (Men's Golf); Michelle Young (Women's Basketball).

HONOR ROLL -  Justin Abrams (Tennis); Steve Adkins (Baseball); Kelly Amundrud (Golf); Amy Angelos (Volleyball); Keegan Balle (Soccer); Bailiegh Basham (Softball); Jessie Bertino (Tennis); Joe Bircher (Baseball); Brooke Bisping (Basketball); Tatierra Bivens (Cross Country/Track); Jacob Booden (Baseball); Hannah Booker (Cross Country/Track); Kelsey Budd (Basketball); Curtiss Bunch (Baseball); Brittany Burgess (Softball); Shronda Butts(Basketball); Josh Camalick (Baseball); Mackenzie Camp (Softball); Alexei Davies-Campbell (Soccer/Track); Annie Cave (Volleyball); Anna Celander (Cross Country/Track); Alex Chandler (Softball); Lyndsey Cleghorn (Cross Country/Track); Mariah Cole (Softball); David Compitello (Baseball); Johnny Contreras (Soccer); Jason Coon (Soccer); Lexi Cremeens (Softball); Madeline Lynch-Crumrine (Softball); Juan Diego Cuadrado (Tennis); Molly Dahlquist (Cross Country/Track); Michael Davis (Tennis); Nathan Davis (Cross Country/Track); Scott Davis (Soccer); Genevieve Dejean (Volleyball); Rachelle Dejean (Volleyball); Emily Delvo (Cross Country/Track); Mandy DeMeulenaere (Softball); Chris Douglas (Cross Country/Track); Jake Eastman (Basketball); Jerrod Eigsti (Baseball); Obinna Ekwueme (Soccer); Rob Elliott (Baseball); Madelyn Ervin (Volleyball); Kelly Frings (Basketball); Tommy Fritze (Soccer); Shane Garland (Cross Country/Track); Cody Gilfillan (Soccer); Erin Gorman (Golf); Brigitte Graf (Tennis); Monique Graf (Tennis); Abby Green (Track); Chelsea Griffin (Cross Country/Track); Kyle Gunther (Golf); Emily Gustafson (Cross Country/Track); Sarah Hallstein (Cross Country/Track); Thea Hedemann (Golf); Adele Henke (Tennis); Lindsay Hufeld (Softball); Kevin Keiner (Tennis); Alison Kresl (Softball); Alise Tupuritis (Volleyball); Allie Falter (Volleyball); Kourtnie Janson (Cross Country/Track); Andy Johnson (Baseball); Taylor Johnson (Cross Country/Track); Brianne Joseph (Softball); Ashton Kalhorn (Tennis); Madison Kamp (Volleyball); Courtney Keefe (Volleyball); Rob Kennedy (Baseball); Cody Kentzel (Baseball); Shannon King (Softball); Milos Knezevic (Basketball); David Koll (Baseball); Matt Kuehl (Soccer); Jason Leblebijian (Baseball); Walt Lemon, Jr. (Basketball); Christie Lin (Golf); Cassie Lohmeier (Cross Country/Track); Meredith McDonagh (Tennis); Sarah McMahon (Cross Country/Track); Jessica McNellis (Volleyball); Keith Mach (Soccer); Katarina Mangieri (Golf); Dana Markech (Cross Country/Track); Cassandra Marschall (Golf); Danny Masrin (Golf); Corey Mattson (Tennis); Christian Meza (Soccer); Carly Miles (Tennis); Marshall Moyer (Cross Country/Track); Hanna Muegge (Basketball); Max Murphy (Baseball); John Nasshan (Baseball); Shay Niemeyer (Soccer); Lauren Niemiera (Basketball/Golf); Raciel Ocampo (Soccer); Catie O'Leary (Basketball); Kyle Orne (Soccer); Josh Otusanya (Soccer); Greg Partyka (Baseball); Eric Paulson (Baseball); Toni Ramadani (Soccer); Jon Richards (Cross Country/Track); Andres Rodriguez (Baseball); Cameron Roegner (Baseball); Arthur Romanet (Tennis); Ashley Roth (Tennis); Jackie Roth (Softball); Megan Schmidt (Volleyball); Ashley Schmitt (Cross Country/Track); Shayok Shayok (Basketball); Julie Sherman (Softball); Isaac Smith (Baseball); Bobby Smith (Soccer); Emily Soltis (Cross Country/Track); Alyson Spinas-Valainis (Basketball); Derek Sprout (Baseball); Mike Tauchman (Baseball); Heather Terry (Softball); Fantasia Vine (Basketball); Valerie Wass (Cross Country/Track); Luke Wasylik (Soccer); Graig Weber (Baseball); Hamish Weerasinghe (Tennis); Andrew Weisenborn (Golf); Nate Wells (Basketball); MacKenzie Westcott (Basketball); Wojciech Wojcik (Soccer); Emily Wolbers (Cross Country/Track); Charonn Woods (Basketball); Katie Yohn (Basketball); Daniel Young (Golf); Michelle Young (Basketball); Lauren Zerante (Volleyball).


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