Where in the World Are the Braves?
Release: Tuesday 07/12/2012 

Every Thursday during the summer months, Dave Snell features the off-season activities of Bradley University student-athletes in a video feature known as "Where in the World Are the Braves?"  The sixth episode in the 2012 series features men's tennis player Ashton Kalhorn, who is back home in Colorado Springs, Colo., winning tennis tournaments and preparing for medical school.

 Where In The World Are The Braves Features

Episode #




S1, E1

June 24, 2011 Baseball player Greg Partyka's summer in Joplin, Mo.


S1, E2 July 1, 2011 Women's basketball player Lauren Niemiera  working for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the Chicago Bears Watch

S1, E3

July 7, 2011 Baseball players Andy Johnson & Patrick Flanagan and took part in the 2011 NCAA YES Clinic during the 2011 College World Series


S1, E4

July 15, 2011 Women's golfer Kelly Amundrud traveled to Finland. 


S1, E5

July 21, 2011 Volleyball player Genevieve Dejean is interning for U.S. Congressman Aaron Schock


S1, E6

July 29, 2011 Women's Basketball player Hanna Muegge returned to her native Germany for the summer to work with harbor seals.


S1, E7

Aug. 12, 2011 Volleyball players Genevieve Dejean, Jessica McNellis and Madelyn Ervin , took a summer course in Madrid, Spain.


S1, E8 Aug. 19, 2011 Former men's basketball players Rob Dye and Anthony Parker volunteer as counselors at the FCA Basketball Camp in Jacksonville, Ill. Watch

S2, E1

May 31, 2012 Soccer player Wojciech Wojcik also performs with the Chicago-based JUMP studio dance group.


S2, E2

June 7, 2012 Men's basketball player Jake Eastman completes a summer internship with the NBA's Boston Celtics.


S2, E3

June 14, 2012 Softball players Marina Groenewegen and Madeline Lynch-Crumrine are teaming together for the White Rock Renegades in pursuit of the Canadian Cup.


S2, E4

June 21, 2012 Soccer player Jochen Graf is one of 10 soccer players competing in the PDL and Super-20 League this summer.


S2, E5

June 28, 2012 Former women's basketball player and women's golfer Lauren Niemiera talks about interning for the NBA's Summer League in Las Vegas.


S2, E6

July 12, 2012 Men's tennis player Ashton Kalhorn won the ITA Summer Circuit Mountain Region tournament and is preparing for medical school back home in Colorado Springs, Colo.



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