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NCAA Allows Bradley to Keep Braves Nickname
Release: Wednesday 04/28/2006 
by Bradley University

INDIANAPOLISThe NCAA Executive Committee today removed Bradley University from the list of schools subject to restrictions on the use of Native American mascots, names and imagery at NCAA championships, but placed the institution on a five-year watch list, according to a release from the NCAA national office this morning.


The Executive Committee agreed that Bradley had previously removed all Native American imagery associated with its athletics programs and only kept the generic nickname “Braves.”  Based on information contained in Bradley’s appeal, the Executive Committee found Bradley demonstrated its ability to provide an environment that is not hostile or abusive and one that is consistent wit the NCAA constitution and commitment to diversity, respect and sportsmanship.  Bradley has been placed on a watch list for five years, during which time the NCAA will work with the school to assure that circumstances do not change.  Bradley is allowed to fully participate in and host NCAA championships without restrictions.


Bradley University has used the Braves name since 1937 and we are pleased that the many generations of Bradley athletes to come will continue to bear that name, representative of the pride and tradition of our University,” said Bradley University President Dr. David Broski.  “The University will continue to encourage in our student body the qualities of honor, courage, tenacity, loyalty, and endurance associated with the Braves name.  Additionally, the University will continue its commitment to encourage our students to learn about and respect Native American peoples and traditions.  Bradley does not now and will not in the future use Native American depictions in its logo.”

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