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Bradley Athletics Mission Statement
Release: Wednesday 11/10/2015 
by Bradley University

Bradley Athletics Mission
The Bradley Department of Athletics is aligned with the leadership, educational mission and core values of Bradley University and is integrated into the campus community.

The Bradley Department of Athletics leads and supports its student-athletes in the pursuit of excellence in the classroom and in competition.

The Bradley Department of Athletics energizes and engages with the community and partners with it in every way.


The Core Values of Bradley Athletics
Everyone associated with the Bradley University Department of Athletics will embrace and support five core values:

Accountability -- Accept responsibility for your actions and decisions.  Acknowledge, correct and learn from mistakes.  Seek excellence, not perfection.

Courage -- Challenge yourself to uphold Bradley's standards and expectations of excellence while demanding others do the same.  Take risks.

Diligence -- Commit to persistent, tenacious and attentive effort.

Integrity -- Act with honesty, candor, virtue, ethics and honor at all times.

Respect -- Be mindful of the time and talent of others.  Recognize, acknowledge and appreciate diverse perspectives.


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